wolf 359:
est. oct. 15, 2000
terminated oct. 15, 2001

like plenty of other bloggers before me, i've decided to lay my semi-daily digital confessional to rest, a year to the day after i started it. what was once joy has of late become tedium, as my unimaginative mind has struggled over the past few weeks to develop new sentiments to express here. the fact that my readership is nearly nil and the comment rate is even lower didn't really help either. so, to all my legions of fans, both unknown and imagined, i'd like to say: search relentlessly for music that turns you on. don't allow the popular media to dictate taste; make your own choice and don't forget to vote with dollars. support bands you love by buying their swag direct, and undermine major label power structures that keep artists poor and stifled by, well, YOU know. . . and finally, propagate a new wave of understanding and peace throughout the world by restricting your ideological and verbal attacks to those who choose their fate rather than those who are relegated to it by accident of birth. and if you're ever in northern califoria, drop me a line and i'll give you the $12 tour of stanford. toodles,


p.s. if anyone cares about where i'm going with my music, keep an eye out for my new non-weblog homepage, to appear at some point at http://www.freelon.com/wolf359/ .